The construction industry is one of the most volatile sectors in the UK economy, and careful planning and advice are needed to maintain efficiency and competitiveness. Through years of experience in this sector we have an understanding of the specific problems faced by builders, contractors, property developers and subcontractors and we are able to recommend effective solutions.

In our experience one of the main problem areas in the construction industry is the Construction Industry Scheme, CIS.  We can advise when you are involved in construction operations and how you should be dealing with CIS whether you are a general builder, a developer or a sub-contractor. Developers are also subject to CIS if they hire subcontract workers, however small the project, a point which is often overlooked when planning a development

CIS returns are completed monthly and there are significant penalties charged by HMRC for getting the process wrong.  For a modest monthly fee we can take away the pain of completing CIS returns, please ask for a quote for this service.

We can help optimise performance through advice on appropriate funding, project planning, cashflow planning and payroll services. We will guide you through the maze of regulations imposed on the industry, assist in minimising your compliance costs and help you to build a successful future.



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